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AMD aims to bring CXL memory technology to consumer processors within five years

AMD plans to adopt cxl (Compute eXpress Link) memory technology in consumer processors in three to five years. Tom’s Hardware announced this at the manufacturer’s Meet the Experts webinar. The goal is for the technology to be used first for servers and later for consumer GPUs. The manufacturer does not want to say anything more about this yet.

Interconnection standard based on PCIe, ‘cache is consistentProvide interconnection between CPUs and accelerators. The latter includes, for example, GPUs, DPUs, FPGAs, memory and storage such as DDR4 and DDR5. The CPU then runs on the same memory bus with all those accelerators that should improve performance. In addition, cxl should reduce latency, speed up data transfer, and simplify memory expansion. This allows external memory devices to be added to the same pool as the system drum, eliminating the need for a strict limit on the number of memory channels on the processor itself.

Cxl Memory Expansion Module

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Source: Hardware Info

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